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Gaining Popularity for Fat Removal

Both men and women who have shied away from liposuction in the Los Angeles and Orange County area in the past are flocking to the CoolSculpting ® approach for fat removal. Safe, long-lasting results with no downtime keep patients returning to this type of fat removal procedure. Precision in the treatment area also is a bonus to patients.


CoolAdvantage Applicator Cuts Treatment Time in Half for Orange County Residents

Orange County CoolSculpting ® now has the latest ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. technology, the CoolAdvantage applicator. The newly released applicator cuts treatment time for CoolSculpting ® in half for residents living in Los Angeles and Orange County.


CoolSculpting ® is the Overall Choice for Men

Cosmetic surgery requests have risen in the last few years. Men have contributed to this increase as well as baby boomers. More than 1 million men underwent cosmetic procedures according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


A Gift Your Mom Won’t Ever Forget!

Although not traditional like the handprint finger-paint poem, or the plaster of Paris covered candy dish, try giving Mom a plastic surgery package as a gift. It is probably what she really wants anyway, but would never ask for herself.


Creator of CoolAdvantage, ZELTIQ, Announces Worldwide Launch of CoolAdvantage Applicator

The CoolAdvantage applicator features an adaptable 3-in-1 configuration with enhanced cup design. Treatment times are reduced by nearly 50 percent. Advances in technology of the CoolSculpting ® applicator enables treatment times to be safely performed at even lower temperatures.


A Hot New Trend in CoolSculpting ®

CoolSculpting ® is the new hot topic in social circles in Los Angeles. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an acceptable noninvasive fat removal treatment, CoolSculpting ® uses a fat-freezing procedure known as Cryolipolysis.


Common CoolSculpting ® Questions Answered

With the increased popularity of CoolSculpting ® in Los Angeles and Orange County for noninvasive fat removal, many patients who have never experienced the quick and painless treatment have some common questions.


Don’t Let the Name Fool You: CoolMini Really Packs a Punch at Stubborn Fat

The new CoolMini is ZELTIQ’s newest release in the CoolSculpting ® line of non-invasive fat reduction methods. For areas like underneath the chin or areas where there are curved, small pockets of fat, the CoolMini applicator is perfect!


CoolSculpting ®: Solving the Problem of Stubborn Fat Without Surgery

Stubborn pockets of fat that are lumpy and bumpy can now be eliminated without the need for surgery! Not for weight loss or overall body fat, but those irksome areas of fat that no amount of diet or exercise seem to remove can now be removed without the need for surgery. Thank you to the makers of CoolSculpting ®, ZELTIQ!


CoolSculpting ® Gets Hotter as Demand from Consumers Rises

If a person in the Los Angeles or Orange County area has tried diet and exercise and still sees localized pockets of stubborn fat that refuse to disappear. Patients who aren’t significantly overweight but still see some pockets of fat around the abdomen, hips, or thighs that they want to remove are perfect candidates for CoolSculpting ®.


CoolSculpting ®: The Hottest Trend in Plastic Surgery

Approved in 2010, the fat-freezing procedure, called CoolSculpting ®, became one of the hottest trends in the cosmetic surgery field.


The Science Behind CoolSculpting ®

The CoolSculpting ® process targets and freezes fat cells using Cryolipolysis. A unique advanced technology using ultra cooling methods to treat areas of fat cells, Cryolipolysis has been effective at eliminating hard to rid pockets of fat around various areas of the body.


Does CoolSculpting ® Yield the Same Results as Liposuction?

Yes, and No. Those who live in Los Angeles or Orange County and are considering fat removal have two options: Liposuction and Cryolipolysis (marketed as CoolSculpting ®). Liposuction is an invasive procedure that requires days or weeks of recovery time, while CoolSculpting ® has no recovery downtime and is non-invasive.


Don’t Be Fooled by Imitators: Only CoolSculpting ® Can Rid You of Excess Fat with Freezing

With the explosion in popularity of CoolSculpting ®, there have been imitators popping up promising similar results. Do not be fooled. CoolSculpting ® is the only treatment of its kind approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for fat crylopisis.


What is CoolSculpting ®?

CoolSculpting ® is an FDA approved fat-freezing, non-surgical procedure that reduces fat cells in the body. By using controlled cooling, this procedure eliminates stubborn fat that resists all other efforts, including diet and exercise. The results are proven, noticeable, and long-lasting.


Cryolipolysis: Safe and Effective for Inner Thigh Fat Reduction

Plastic surgery has come a long way. There are now countless options that are safe and effective for addressing multiple areas of the body. But some areas are more difficult procedures than others, especially when it comes to patient satisfaction.


What Are the Benefits of DualSculpting?

CoolSculpting ® has quickly changed the landscape of body contouring. It provides an effective and safe alternative to invasive procedures, such as liposuction, while offering excellent results and no recovery time.


Upper Back Fat: Causes, and CoolSculpting ® Treatment

Many people have little areas of their body that cause them distress. But those areas are not always in places that are easy to see. Sometimes they can develop in areas of the body that are not necessarily visible in day to day life, but when they are visible they can cause serious distress, and often lead to short and long term discomfort.


Can You Benefit From More Than One CoolSculpting ® Session in the Same Area?

One of the main benefits of CoolSculpting ®, especially when compared to other liposuction alternatives, is that the benefits can be seen after only a single treatment.


When is the CoolMini The Right Choice for Chin Fat?

The CoolMini is the newest CoolSculpting ® applicator to be released, and it’s already become one of the most popular in Orange County. The CoolMini has caught on with both practitioners like board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Agha, as well as with patients, that enjoy the idea of CoolSculpting ® much more than any of the alternatives for chin fat on the market today.


How CoolSculpting ® Can Help Men Look Good In Board Shorts with Less Embarrassment

Everyone wants to look better. Plastic surgery is traditionally thought of as a cosmetic option for women, mostly because of the number of procedures that are designed for women, like breast implants. But men want to look better too. Indeed, increasingly more and more men are seeking out plastic surgery, and related options, as a way of improving their appearance.


CoolSculpting ®: Your Best Plastic Surgery Option on a Budget in Orange County and Los Angeles

CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq has quickly become the preferred cosmetic procedure for excellent contouring results without surgery. It has numerous benefits, including almost no risks, excellent results, and essentially no long term complications.


What Happens to the Crystallized Fat Cells After a Fat Freeze?

CoolSculpting ® is a unique cosmetic procedure. Using only the cold, plastic surgeons like Dr. Agha are able to almost literally melt fat away, using a cooling system patented by Zeltiq that is FDA cleared and research proven to help eliminate fat and contour the body.


Comparison of Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® and Proshock Ice

Since 2010, the popularity of CoolSculpting ® – especially in and around California – has grown dramatically. There had already been many alternatives to liposuction on the market (and many more since) but CoolSculpting ® is the only that has become a successful part of mainstream plastic surgery, and one that has sound medical science backing its use.


Does Cryolipolysis Lead to Skin Tightening?

CoolSculpting ® is a fascinating procedure, because it is arguably the only effective non-surgical liposuction alternative liposuction alternative available today for body contouring without any cuts, scarring or risks. The procedure itself medically sound, has been used by hundreds of thousands of people with a very high approval rating, and provides significantly more fat loss than other attempts at non-surgical fat reduction, such as lasers and ultraviolet light.


Does Manual Massage Improve CoolSculpting ® Patient Outcomes?

Ever since the benefits of Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® and Cryolipolysis were empirically validated in renowned medical journals and approved by the FDA, the question was no longer whether or not CoolSculpting ® worked – the question became how to make sure that you’re getting the best possible outcomes from your CoolSculpting ® sessions. As a non-invasive surgery, the best way for CoolSculpting ® to be a successful alternative to liposuction is to find a way for it to eliminate as much fat as possible.


6 Current Types of CoolSculpting ® Applicators

CoolSculpting ® is the first successful liposuction alternative, capable of providing body contouring and weight loss without any surgical procedures. Originally tested and developed for the abdomen (and, in a lesser extent, for the love handles), Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ® technology is now used on many different parts of the body.


3 Studies Supporting Cryolipolysis for Fat Loss

CoolSculpting ®, which uses cryolipolysis (freezing fat until it crystalizes and is removed by the body) is a new and popular procedure for noninvasive fat removal. It is currently one of the only non-surgical procedures that allows surgeons to remove fat in specific areas of the body after only one treatment, without any cuts or recovery time.


Why There is No DIY Home CoolSculpting ®?

Ever since CoolSculpting ® was FDA cleared and the science behind cryolipolysis validated, many people have wondered if it some type of Do It Yourself home CoolSculpting ® might be possible, and if there was a way to use ice, cold, or some other type of device to freeze fat and sculpt your body.


3 Off Label CoolSculpting ® Application Areas

When a plastic surgery procedure is approved, it is generally approved for very specific areas of the body. However, just because it’s approved for only specific areas of the body does not mean that it is harmful or dangerous for other areas – it simply means that it never went through the approval process. When a medical device or procedure is used for something other than its FDA cleared use, this is known as being used “off label.”


Why Can’t You Freeze Fat More Than One Place at a Time?

CoolSculpting ® is a unique procedure. At my Orange County Fat Freeze offices, many people come in excited to see an alternative to liposuction that doesn’t require surgery, and whether they come in for their abs, arms, thighs, or something else, they are always excited to see the results and glad to have an entire non-invasive procedure to target their problem areas.


CoolSculpting ® for Men 7 Frequently Asked Questions

CoolSculpting ® is a new, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is quickly becoming very popular in the plastic surgery world. But because it is a new procedure, there are often a lot of questions that people have about how it works, what it does, who it’s for, and more.


How to Tell When You’re Ready for CoolSculpting ®

The idea behind CoolSculpting ® is very exciting. Nearly everyone that has wanted a better body wished that there was a way to get rid of fat pockets without having to go through surgery. Liposuction is safe and effective, but it’s still a surgical technique, and CoolSculpting ® represents an excellent alternative that is free of surgery and without the risk of complications.


Amount of Fat Loss After CoolSculpting ®

Recent published scientific studies have actually measured the amount of fat loss after CoolSculpting ® treatments. In a study, almost 40 cc of adipose (fat) tissue was reduced in the flank areas at 2-months after one session of CoolSculpting ® treatment. Additional studies have indicated that Cryolipolysis is effective in reducing unwanted, stubborn fat in the lower and upper abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flank area and back.


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