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When a plastic surgery procedure is approved, it is generally approved for very specific areas of the body. However, just because it’s approved for only specific areas of the body does not mean that it is harmful or dangerous for other areas – it simply means that it never went through the approval process. When a medical device or procedure is used for something other than its FDA cleared use, this is known as being used “off label.”


CoolSculpting ® is a common example of this. The CoolSculpting ® procedure was only officially approved for the abdomenand love handles areas. Yet the procedure itself has been widely used in many areas of the body beyond those two areas. Indeed, thousands upon thousands of people have undergone off label CoolSculpting ® procedures, with very positive results.


What Are Some Currently Popular Off Label CoolSculpting ® Areas?

  1. Upper Back – Though fat pockets in the upper back are uncommon, those that do struggle with them find that they are no less stressful. CoolSculpting ® is safe on the upper back, and so many people that struggle with upper back fat pockets get the Zeltiq procedure completed in that area.
  2. Arms – Your plastic surgeon will need to make sure that your “arm fat” is not just hanging skin, so make sure you come in for a full evaluation before you consider your CoolSculpting ® treatment. Nevertheless, when you have pockets of fat in your arms, CoolSculpting ® is a successful and popular procedure.
  3. Chest – Women may not necessarily want to undergo CoolSculpting ® of the chest without significant consultation to ensure its safety. But men that struggle with pockets of fataround the chest may want to consider its off label use. There are now applicators that make addressing the chest area much easier.


The outer thighs was once considered to be an off label use of the CoolSculpting ® applicator, but new Zeltiq technology has now been approved to make the thighs possible.
Keep in mind that most pockets of pinchable fat anywhere in the body may be good candidates for the CoolSculpting ® procedure. The exceptions include areas like the neck, which are a little too close to important veins and organs. Someday there may be a fat freeze tool to help target neck fat as well, but it is not something that should be performed with current CoolSculpting ® technology.


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