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CoolSculpting ®, which uses cryolipolysis (freezing fat until it crystalizes and is removed by the body) is a new and popular procedure for noninvasive fat removal. It is currently one of the only non-surgical procedures that allows surgeons to remove fat in specific areas of the body after only one treatment, without any cuts or recovery time.


For many, the very idea that there could be a new, completely safe, and effective way to lose fat without surgery sounds too good to be true, and given the history of non-invasive fat loss procedures that are either based on pseudoscience or provide minimal fat loss, it’s easy to understand why many are skeptical of the effects of CoolSculpting ® and Cryolipolysis.


Yet from the first study in 2008, Selective Cryolipolysis: A Novel Method of Fat Removal, by Doctors Manstein and Anderson, this procedure continues to be tested multiple times, and throughout its scrutiny it has been shown to be consistently effective at eliminating stubborn pockets of fat safely. These many studies have all upheld the original findings and found that Cryolipolysis is a safe and effective form of fat reduction.


Three Recent Studies

Many recent studies show that Cryolipolysis as performed in CoolSculpting ® procedures has no long lasting side effects, with proven results and high customer satisfaction. These three studies below are representative of the wide range of over three hundred studies that have been performed on cryolipolysis over the last decade.

  • Clinical Efficacy of Noninvasive Cryolipolysis and Its Effects on Peripheral Nerve – Published in 2009, in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this study found reduction of the fat layer by 20 to 25% (it has since been improved to up to 40% in the past 5 years). One of the early concerns about CoolSculpting ® was whether the numbness caused by cryolipolysis may lead to any long term damage to the nerves. This study addressed that concern and found that there was no permanent changes in nerve fiber structure and all lost or reduced sensations returned to the treated area between 3 to 4 weeks after treatment.
  • Safety, Tolerance, and Patient Satisfaction With Noninvasive Cryolipolysis – This article published in Dermatologic Surgery in 2013 looked at the treatment results of two European Clinics with a sample size of over 500 patients. This comprehensive study looked at the efficacy of the treatment, the pain tolerance of the patients, and the ultimate satisfaction with the procedure. After finding a 23% reduction in fat layer, this study also found that the treatment was highly tolerable, and had a 73% patient satisfaction rate.
  • Cryolipolysis for Fat Reduction and Body Contouring: Safety and Efficacy of Current Treatment Paradigms – Published in June of 2015 in The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, this study of studies (or meta-analysis), is the first of its kind to evaluate the available studies on CoolSculpting ®. With a survey of nineteen articles the study found that there was a general consensus that cryolipolysis is safe and effective, with little side effects.


Overall, the studies agree with the success of cryolipolysis. It isn’t just popular because it sounds good on paper. It is a tested and proven procedure that is backed by scientific studies and research, and is a solid choice for fat reduction without surgery. If you’d like to learn more about CoolSculpting ®, DualSculpting, or how it can help those in Orange County and Los Angeles, call us today at 949-337-1431.

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