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CoolSculpting ® is the first successful liposuction alternative, capable of providing body contouring and weight loss without any surgical procedures. Originally tested and developed for the abdomen (and, in a lesser extent, for the love handles), Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ® technology is now used on many different parts of the body, including:

  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Lower and Upper Back
  • Arms, Chest, and More


The CoolSculpting ® technology requires both pinchable fat and a good fit around the part of the body that is being addressed. But the body isn’t a series of identically shaped parts. Every single body part has a unique shape and unique needs. So Zeltiq created a variety of applicators that help fit over the specific curves of your body. At Orange County CoolSculpting ®, we keep all of the latest CoolSculpting ® applicators, and make sure they are always available to assist in you body contouring goals.


What CoolSculpting ® Applicators Are Available?

As of this writing there are four applicators available, with a fifth applicator scheduled to be released later this year or early next year. These applicators are each used for different parts of your body. Applicators include:

  • CoolFit – Although primarily used for the inner thighs and the upper arms, the CoolFit applicator is also a great choice for vertical planes in the abdomen on patients that are less in need of curvature, and more in need of fat reduction. It may be used on any area of the body with a longer cooling plane. CoolFit has a flat applicator cup and no specific curve shape to address flat vertical fat orientations.
  • CoolCurve+ – CoolCurve+, which is the next generation of the also popular CoolCurve, has excellent curvature that allows it to fit easily over rounded and curved skin. The CoolCurve plus is used primarily on areas like the flanks (love handles) which have a natural shape to them and benefit from an applicator that can contour to the curve of the body. It may also be used on the chest.
  • CoolCore – CoolCore is by far one of the most popular CoolSculpting ® applicators on the abdomen. Its shape makes it ideal for addressing bulges of fat, and because it’s smaller than several of the other applicators, it can be used by Dr. Agha to make sure that you’re addressing the specific areas that need the most attention.
  • CoolMax – Unlike CoolCore, which is meant to handle smaller areas at a time, CoolMax is able to handle much larger areas all at once. At as much as 2.5x the size of some of the other applicators, CoolCore is used to handle higher volumes of fat at once. However, it is only used when it’s possible to grab a significant amount of fat in the center of the applicator.
  • CoolSmooth Pro – Generally, CoolSculpting ® is recommended for those with pinchable fat. But the truth is that there is an applicator that doesn’t require pinchable fat – the CoolSmooth Pro. Very comfortable for patients, this applicator is used often with body contouring in areas of the abdomen (and the rest of the body) that are difficult to pinch, yet still important for successful body contouring.
  • CoolMini – Soon to be released is the CoolMini, which was recently announced by Zeltiq as the newest addition to the CoolSculpting ® applicator line. The CoolMini is going to be an exciting new edition, because it is small enough to address areas of smaller fat that were very difficult with the previous applicator line, such as double chins (neck fat). It will also make it possible for Orange County CoolSculpting ® to shape the body more easily, for areas the larger applicators are unable to address.


More CoolSculpting ® applicators means more opportunities to address specific fat deposits and body parts, no matter their shape, and so having each of these applicators available makes it much easier to shape your body in our Orange County CoolSculpting ® offices. We also carry more than one of each applicator, so that we can provide you with DualSculpting – twice the CoolSculpting ® in less time.

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