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Can You Benefit From More Than One CoolSculpting ® Session in the Same Area? Blog

Orange County CoolSculpting ® Blog

One of the main benefits of CoolSculpting ®, especially when compared to other liposuction alternatives, is that the benefits can be seen after only a single treatment.


There aren’t many non-invasive body contouring proceduresout there, but the ones that do exist generally require multiple follow up visits for weeks in order to achieve results that are still not quite as significant as those you receive from CoolSculpting ®. With CoolSculpting ®, you’re in, you’re out, and if you want you can be done, with no future visits necessary while still achieving between 20% and 40% fat loss.


Multiple CoolSculpting ® Follow Ups in Orange County

Although CoolSculpting ® can be completed in a single session, the past year has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people that go back for multiple sessions, often in the same exact area they treated before. This trend is due in large part to the safety of CoolSculpting ® – with no downside, there is little risk to performing CoolSculpting ® again, especially after you have already seen results.


So the question is, does treating an area with CoolSculpting ® a second time still produce results?




In many cases, it is valuable to continue to sculpt the body by performing additional CoolSculpting ® sessions. The science is still the same – you can lose between 15% and 40% of your body fat in a given area every time you undergo CoolSculpting ®. For some patients, especially those with significant body contouring needs, this may even be recommended.


However, there are a few things to note:

  • You Must Still Be a Good Candidate – Not everyone is a good candidate for multiple CoolSculpting ® sessions in Orange County. Ideally, you still need to have pinchable body fat that can fit in the applicators. Thankfully, there are more applicators being released that make it possible to target areas without as pinchable fat, but not everyone is going to be a good candidate after their first session has been completed.
  • Fat Loss is Mathematically Less – When you take away 20% of your fat, you mathematically have less fat to be removed the second time. In other words, while you still lose 20% of your remaining body fat, you’ll be losing less fat than you lose the first time in total because there is less fat to be removed. For many this is a good thing, but for some this may mean that they don’t “see” their results as easily.


With those things in mind, CoolSculpting ® on the same location multiple times can still be very advantageous for the right people. The science behind CoolSculpting ® still works, which means that every time you go in for another treatment, you’ll see another 15% to 40% difference in fat loss from any fat you have remaining, and your body will remove the fat naturally and safely just as it did before.


So for those that loved their CoolSculpting ® work but would also like to make sure that they continue to address their body contouring goals, contact Orange County Fat Freeze Today. We offer very affordable prices on all of ourCoolSculpting ® treatments, and each individual treatment will be completed by world renowned Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha, who was awarded the Premier Crystal Award for showing excellent with the CoolSculpting ® system.

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