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Common CoolSculpting ® Questions Answered

With the increased popularity of CoolSculpting ® in Los Angeles and Orange County for noninvasive fat removal, many patients who have never experienced the quick and painless treatment have some common questions.


Am I a good candidate for CoolSculpting ®?

Patients who have a stable weight with unwanted fat that has not responded to diet and exercise and do not want to undergo liposuction are excellent candidates.


Where does the fat go?

When the fat cells are crystallized or frozen, they die and the body then eliminates these dead cells. Once the treated fat cells leave the body, they are gone for ever.


Is there any preparation required for CoolSculpting ®?

There are no special preparations needed before a CoolSculpting ® appointment. However, doctors recommend that any area to be treated be free from sunburn, moisturizers, or anything that might possibly cause irritation during treatment. Since the procedure is noninvasive, there is no need to stop any medications before a treatment.


How long does a CoolSculpting ® treatment take?

Depending on the area or areas being treated, most CoolSculpting ® treatments last around an hour. Depending on how many cycles a patient receives and the number of areas treated, treatment times can last from one to several hours.


What is a CoolSculpting ® treatment area?

The treatment area is the part of the body a patient chooses to target. Common treatment areas include:

  • Chin
  • Upper Arms
  • Upper Back (bra line)
  • Upper Abdomen
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Flanks (love handles)
  • Outer Thighs
  • Inner Thighs
  • Inner Knee Area


How quickly can I have another treatment done on the same area?

Most patients choose to retreat an area four to six weeks after initial treatment. When treatments are spaced apart, a more noticeable result is seen. However, if a patient wants to wait even longer, that is fine.


Is CoolSculpting ® painful?

Since the procedure is noninvasive and gentle, many patients do not report any pain during the procedure. If any discomfort is reported, it is usually minimal. Occasionally, a patient will report slight pain after CoolSculpting ®, but as this is uncommon and temporary; therefore, it is reported to be mostly pain free.


What is a CoolSculpting ® cycle?

When a patient wants an area treated on both sides to obtain symmetry (the love handles for example), the CoolSculpting ® treatment device is moved from one side to the other. This is considered at cycle.


How long after having a baby do I have to wait to have CoolSculpting ®?

After pregnancy, many women have a few pounds to shed before their weight becomes stable again. Since CoolSculpting ® reduces pockets of fat in “problem areas,” it is wise to wait until you can fully identify those areas before having a CoolSculpting ® treatment.


How long do I need to wait after a treatment to begin an exercising?

No time! Since CoolSculpting ® is noninvasive, there is absolutely no wait time to continue an exercise program. Patients report both benefits of exercise and pain after exercise. Many patients report that stretching, light yoga, walking, or aerobics make them feel better. It is an individual decision that a patient will decide after treatment.


Is the CoolSculpting ® procedure safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) branch of the government has approved CoolSculpting ® as a safe and effective means for the removal of fat. Over one million CoolSculpting ® treatments have been performed worldwide.


When will I see results?

Some patients report seeing changes in as little as three weeks after treatment, but most patients report dramatic results in two months. The body will flush out dead fat cells up to six months after treatment.


If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area and are interested in CoolSculpting ®, contact the experts at Orange County Plastic Surgery for a free consultation.


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