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Since 2010, the popularity of CoolSculpting ® – especially in and around California – has grown dramatically. There had already been many alternatives to liposuction on the market (and many more since) but CoolSculpting ® is the only that has become a successful part of mainstream plastic surgery, and one that has sound medical science backing its use.


But what about alternatives to CoolSculpting ®? One name that has been thrown around recently is Proshock Ice – a procedure that has sometimes been referred to as Ice-Shock-Lipoysis.


What is Proshock Ice?

Proshock Ice was created by a company known as Promoitalia. As the name implies, the company is based in Italy, and develops products for “wellness” and cosmetic purposes. Proshock ice uses cryolipolysis – just like CoolSculpting ® – but combines it with a procedure known as acoustic shock wave therapy. It is believed that this combination allows Proshock Ice to not only freeze fat, but also remove cellulite and firm skin.


Does Proshock Ice Work Better Than CoolSculpting ®?

Theoretically, any procedure added to cryolipolysis that affects skin or fat cells could be more beneficial than CoolSculpting ®. But unfortunately it is unlikely for that to be the case, for a variety of reasons:

  • Acoustic wave therapy doesn’t appear to work very well. It currently holds a very low approval rating on RealSelf, and very few plastic surgeons use it because there isn’t much evidence that it does anything to the body, and no medical science to back it up.
  • Proshock Ice often uses inferior technology. Despite Zeltiq creating the most medically sound cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting ®) tools, IceShockLipoysis uses technology that has undergone considerably less medical testing, and is often a lower quality knockoff compared to CoolSculpting ®.
  • Proshock Ice is expensive. Acoustic wave therapy alone is more expensive than CoolSculpting ®, and requires multiple visits. Costs for Ice Shock Lipoysis are greater, with a more expensive “cost per area” and 4 to 6 treatments, compared to only one with Cryolipolysis alone.


There have been essentially no studies performed on this combination either. The only study found was called “Synergistic effects of cryolipolysis and shock waves for noninvasive body contouring” by researches in Italy. The study used a small sample (only 50 patients), no control group, and did not compare the results to cryolipolysis alone. This type of study is not generally considered effective at proving the results of a specific procedure, especially a combination procedure.


Final Thoughts on CoolSculpting ® vs. Proshock Ice

There is a reason that Proshock Ice has not become a common name in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. There is simply little reason at the moment to believe that it is a superior product to CoolSculpting ®. There are several procedures that can be combined with CoolSculpting ®, including plastic surgery procedures and potential skin tightening procedures. Yet Proshock Ice does not appear to be one of them – at least not until more research is conducted, and that research is conducted according to sound scientific principles.


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