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CoolSculpting ® is a new, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is quickly becoming very popular in the plastic surgery world. But because it is a new procedure, there are often a lot of questions that people have about how it works, what it does, who it’s for, and more.


This is especially true of men, which account for a large percentage of CoolSculpting ® patients in our practice. For men that are considering CoolSculpting ® and are interested in learning more, the following are some answers to frequently asked questions about CoolSculpting ® for Men.


CoolSculpting ® for Men FAQ


Q: Why Choose CoolSculpting ® Over Other Cosmetic Surgery?

The primary reason to choose CoolSculpting ® over other plastic surgery options is that CoolSculpting ® is not a surgery. It is a non-surgical process to freeze fat cells away. That’s why many men prefer CoolSculpting ® – because they can complete the procedure without any surgery, downtown, scars, etc.


In addition, since men tend to worry more about the stigma associated with plastic surgery, CoolSculpting ® is preferable because the results appear slowly over the course of several weeks, and thus look more natural and are much easier to hide than plastic surgery, which can require weeks off work and immediate results.


Q: Can CoolSculpting ® Help Me Lose Weight?

CoolSculpting ® does cause a few pounds to go away, but it is not for weight loss. It is for men that are working out regularly, eating healthy, and are close to their body weight but have found that they have pockets of fat that do not seem to go away.


Q:Where Do Men Get CoolSculpting ® Completed?

Men can experience CoolSculpting ® in the same places women do. However, because CoolSculpting ® is only for those that are already near their ideal body weight, fewer men have pockets of fat in their thighs and arms the same way women do. Most men that elect for CoolSculpting ® receive the treatment in their midsection, especially the love handles and abdomen. Some may also elect for CoolSculpting ® of the lower back.


Q: Will CoolSculpting ® Enhance the Look of My Muscles?

Everyone’s body is different, and the effects also depend on where you get the treatment done. But, CoolSculpting ® on your abdomen or love handles should help to make your muscles become more visible by melting the fat around them and helping them become more prominent. That’s one of the many motivators that people have for electing for CoolSculpting ®.


Q: Can I CoolSculpt My Chest?

Technically CoolSculpting ® is not FDA cleared for the male chest, although some doctors perform it as an “off label” treatment since the treatment works well in this area and the risks are low. If you have lost weight and do have pockets of fat in your chest, call us today for a consultation and we can recommend the surgical or non-surgical solution that makes the most sense for your needs.


Q: Can I Keep Going to the Gym After CoolSculpting ®?

CoolSculpting ® is a non-invasive procedure and it is considered safe to go to the gym immediately after the session is over. Most people that have CoolSculpting ® done resume all of their normal activities right away. Still, even though there are no specific instructions for recovery, it is still recommended that you take it easy for at least a day to see how you feel after the sessions is over. You can still resume most/all normal activities, but since CoolSculpting ® can sometimes lead to swelling and bruising, and in rare cases a numbness that goes away after a few weeks, you may want to wait at least 24 hours before engaging in any intense physical activities. If you have something specific you need or want to do, talk to Dr. Agha after the procedure is over for approval.


Q: Anything Else Men Should Know About the Procedure?

Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ® is a popular new procedure with little downtime, no surgery, and great results. It is highly recommended though that you learn and engage in healthy eating habits and healthy exercise habits before and after your CoolSculpting ® session. CoolSculpting ® can be permanent, but poor diet and no exercise can lead to the accumulation of fat cells in the areas that were targeted by CoolSculpting ®.


The good news is that a lot of men feel so much more confident and comfortable after CoolSculpting ® that they exercise more than they did before they started CoolSculpting ®.


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If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting ®, Fat Freezing, or any other surgical and non-surgical procedures, contact Orange County Fat Freeze today.

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