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CoolSculpting ®: Your Best Plastic Surgery Option on a Budget in Orange County and Los Angeles Blog

Orange County CoolSculpting ® Blog

CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq has quickly become the preferred cosmetic procedure for excellent contouring results without surgery. It has numerous benefits, including almost no risks, excellent results, and essentially no long term complications.


It is also an excellent cosmetic choice for those that want plastic surgery on a budget, and it’s not just because of the low cost. CoolSculpting ® has many advantages for those that want to see a difference in their looks but do not have quite as much money to dedicate to their cosmetic procedures.


Benefits of CoolSculpting ® for Those on a Tighter Budget

  • Low Cost


Let’s start with the obvious – CoolSculpting ® is a lower cost procedure than traditional plastic surgery. At Orange County Fat Freeze, we are currently running a special of $600 per body part. Compare that to procedures like liposuction, which in some cases cost as much as $12,000 or more depending on the body part and the significance of the procedure. That can be an incredible savings of as much as 90% depending on where you have the procedure completed.

  • No Recovery Time


But it’s not just the affordable costs that makes CoolSculpting ® advantageous. With Zeltiq CoolSculpting ®, there is essentially no recovery time. Those on a budget likely do not want to take a few weeks off work in order to recover. With CoolSculpting ®, you can essentially go back to work right away, and you won’t have to miss any work or lose out on that income.

  • Fewer Medical Follow Ups and Complications


Although plastic surgery is quite safe, there is still a risk of additional medical expenses, including follow ups for complications, regular checkups to ensure everything is healing correctly, medications, and even the very rare risk of an emergency visit. All of those represent the potential for a significant increase in costs, even if they are not a guarantee. There are very few additional medical expenses related to CoolSculpting ®, and none that would represent a significant increase in costs.


CoolSculpting ®: A Financially Smart Cosmetic Procedure

CoolSculpting ® is a safe and effective procedure that is useful for those that are interested in exploring plastic surgery and body contouring but want to do so on a budget. At Orange County Fat Freeze, we have been awarded the Premier Crystal Status for our commitment to CoolSculpting ®, the highest honor handed out by Zeltiq, and we offer highly competitive prices that are great for those that want to see real results on a tighter budget.


If you’re in Southern California, including Newport Beach, Irvine, Anaheim, and Santa Ana, as well as Los Angeles, San Diego, and any city within driving distance, call Orange County Fat Freeze today at 949-337-1431. Let’s discuss your body contouring goals, and we’ll let know what we can do for you based on your budget.

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