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CoolSculpting ® is a fascinating procedure, because it is arguably the only effective non-surgical liposuction alternative liposuction alternative available today for body contouring without any cuts, scarring or risks. The procedure itself medically sound, has been used by hundreds of thousands of people with a very high approval rating, and provides significantly more fat loss than other attempts at non-surgical fat reduction, such as lasers and ultraviolet light.


But even though CoolSculpting ® is highly regarded, it is also new. That means there are more discoveries to be made using CoolSculpting ® and its science, known as cryolipolysis. Right now, studies are currently being completed to determine whether there are ways to reduce fat in more difficult to target areas (like the neck) as well as if there are long term benefits to multiple CoolSculpting ® sessions.


Skin Tightening Through CoolSculpting ®

Recently, in a letter to the editor published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Dr. Grant Stevens opened up the idea that there may be additional benefits as well – particularly for skin tightening. In the letter, the doctor pointed to clinical evidence of skin tightening benefits of CoolSculpting ®, and no increase in skin laxity even after significant weight loss using the CoolSculpting ® procedure.


In other words, patients that lose fat with CoolSculpting ®don’t see loose skin, and there may be evidence that skin tightens again to produce a younger, healthier look.


What This Means for CoolSculpting ®

Right now, the studies are mostly anecdotal. Though there is some medical evidence that skin tightening can occur in a select group of individuals, it can cost a significant amount of money to complete a study on the skin tightening effects on CoolSculpting ®, and it’s unlikely Zeltiq will be investing in that research any time soon.


Yet this does indicate very positive results for patients that have considered CoolSculpting ® and are worried about whether they’ll be happy with the appearance. And the research does appear to be corroborated by other studies, including this one in Vancouver, which also found that there was a noticeable improvement in skin tightening in patients that completed the CoolSculpting ® procedure.


For now, all doctors can say is that it “looks like skin tightening occurs.” But what is clear is that you likely do not need to be concerned about having any regrets about the fat loss that occurs after your CoolSculpting ® session. Whether the skin tightens is still up for debate, but there is currently little evidence that your skin will be weak after CoolSculpting ® – something that is a risk after several different types of liposuction and fat loss procedures.


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