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Ever since the benefits of Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® and Cryolipolysis were empirically validated in renowned medical journals and approved by the FDA, the question was no longer whether or not CoolSculpting ® worked – the question became how to make sure that you’re getting the best possible outcomes from your CoolSculpting ® sessions. As a non-invasive surgery, the best way for CoolSculpting ® to be a successful alternative to liposuction is to find a way for it to eliminate as much fat as possible.


Right now, the average fat loss with CoolSculpting ® is between 20% and 40%, but leaning much closer to the 20%. This is still an excellent amount of fat loss for a non-surgical plastic surgery procedure, but could still be improved upon. Many plastic surgeons are pushing for follow up CoolSculpting ® sessions, which theoretically should remove an additional 20+%. But there are also several strategies available right now that may increase the amount of fat loss in a single CoolSculpting ® session.


Effects of Post Treatment Massage After CoolSculpting ®

One strategy, researched by a Zeltiq Consultant and a Zeltiq Provider, may help improve outcomes even further for CoolSculpting ® patients. The study found that a post-treatment massage provided right after the CoolSculpting ® procedure has been completed could potentially improve the outcome of the procedure, and result in more fat loss than if no massage was completed.


Patients served as their own controls. One side of the body would receive a massage, the other side would not. Patients were evaluated multiple days after treatment, at 0, 3, 8, 14, 30, 60, and 120 days, and patients were evaluated for both complications (to ensure that a massage didn’t have any negative effects) and the total amount of fat loss.


The results were extremely positive. In fact, at 60 days post-treatment, the researchers noted an additional fat loss of an incredible 68%, and at 4 months (the maximum time necessary to see results) the mean fat loss was 44% more on the massage side in total. This means that post-treatment massage by a trained CoolSculpting ® expert does appear to have a pronounced effect on the results, and are a great way to improve overall outcomes.


Does Massage Guarantee More Fat Loss?

There are plenty of reasons to believe massage is effective for improving fat loss and outcomes in CoolSculpting ® patients. There is no guarantee – the study itself was performed by researchers that are not without their own biases (as both of them work with CoolSculpting ® in some way). But evidence both anecdotally and in research seems to confirm that massaging after CoolSculpting ® will help shape your body more effectively, and that makes it a good best practice for CoolSculpting ® providers.


Orange County CoolSculpting ® – Your Orange County CoolSculpting ® Provider

Orange County CoolSculpting ® is committed to making sure that you receive the best possible outcome from your CoolSculpting ® treatment. We are a Premier Crystal Provider – the highest award handed out to CoolSculpting ® experts –with experience working with Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ® system since it was FDA cleared.


If you live in near Newport Beach, including Irvine, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, and more, contact Orange County CoolSculpting ® today at 949-337-1431. We’re confident that our CoolSculpting ® sessions will help you achieve the body you want without liposuction. Call us today to learn more.

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