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How CoolSculpting ® Can Help Men Look Good In Board Shorts with Less Embarrassment Blog

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Everyone wants to look better. Plastic surgery is traditionally thought of as a cosmetic option for women, mostly because of the number of procedures that are designed for women, like breast implants. But men want to look better too. Indeed, increasingly more and more men are seeking out plastic surgery, and related options, as a way of improving their appearance.


A recent article on RealSelf discussed this very thing. “Titled How Far Will Men Go to Look Good in Boardshorts? (Hint: Pretty Far),” a version of the tummy tuck that they called a “boardshorts tuck” is the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among men. The boardshorts tuck is a version of liposculpture, which helps create a look of a flat, healthy stomach, strong abs, and less of a fat bulge to make it easier to look attractive in shorts at the beach.


The Rise in CoolSculpting ® for Men as an Alternative to Surgery

More men than ever have been asking for procedures like liposuction/liposculpture than ever before. But there is no denying that there is a stigma attached to male cosmetic surgery, especially when that surgery leaves scars that can be easily identified. One of the biggest fears that many men have is that they will be “caught” having had cosmetic surgery, and may experience ridicule or discomfort as a result.


Which is why it should come as little surprise that the next rising trend in male plastic surgery is a significant increase in the number of men requesting CoolSculpting ®. From the article:


“Men want CoolSculpting ®, CoolSculpting ®, and more CoolSculpting ®,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Elisa A. Burgess of Portland, Oregon. “They frequently talk about the fatty tire around their waist…. They work out and watch what they eat, but they cannot improve that tire.”


For many men, CoolSculpting ® provides a better option than liposuction. That is because CoolSculpting ®:

  • Involves No Surgery – CoolSculpting ® is non-surgical. There is no anesthesia, no knives, no operating room, and no recovery. It takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours and then you’re done, able to go back to your life and do most of the things you usually do. For many men, this has excellent appeal, as they do not need to take weeks off from continuing to do their jobs or spending time with their friends.
  • Has No Scarring – There are no long term “marks” that prove CoolSculpting ® has occurred, which means that men never have to tell anyone they underwent the procedure. You can complete CoolSculpting ® in secret, which – for those that are afraid of the stigma – means that you never have to worry about someone making you feel bad about your decision.
  • Takes Longer to See Results – For some this may read like a negative quality of CoolSculpting ®. But the truth is that it’s a very positive quality, especially for men. After the fat has crystallized, the body removes it slowly. That slow removal makes it appear that the results have come naturally, rather than some type of unnatural means, thus improving satisfaction and making it much harder to identify that plastic surgery has occurred.
  • Costs Much Less – It isn’t spoken about often, but there is also a stigma against men about what they spend their money on. Men are expected to spend money on specific “male dominated” items, and if a man spent a lot of money on plastic surgery, they’d be more likely to feel a guilt that could cause them to regret their decision. But CoolSculpting ® is far more affordable, so there is much less guilt about spending on the procedure.


It’s perfectly acceptable to be concerned about your appearance, no matter who you are. You should always feel confident in yourself, even if it takes plastic surgery to get there. But CoolSculpting ® does represent a highly effective, surgery free option that benefits many men that are not ready for liposuction and liposculpture, and that’s why it is quickly becoming one of the most highly requested procedures for men.


If you’d like to learn more about CoolSculpting ® for men in Orange County or LA County, call us today at 949-337-1431.

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