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How Instagram is Changing the Consultation

Instagram is changing the way millennials are looking at plastic surgery. With popular stars like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, many millennials who are social media savvy are longing for cosmetic surgery procedures like eyelid surgery, neck liposuction, less wrinkles, and fuller lips, just to name a few.


These younger patients are exposed daily to pictures of their favorite stars on popular social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat. Since many of these stars are open with the plastic surgery procedures they are undergoing, many millennials can see the before and after effects of a particular procedure.


If you have a before and after photo from Perfect365 or FaceTune, you too can show any plastic surgeon exactly the look you are going for with no miscommunication. Instagram is a superior platform to show off makeup skills and the end result any patients may want to achieve.


Facial enhancements from eyelash extensions to lip injections have gained popularity with the rise of social media. According to Clementina Richardson of Envious Lashes, “Lash extensions help women celebrate their natural features instead of trying to totally change up their looks.”


It is no surprise that patients are asking for Kylie Jenner lashes or Kim Kardashian lips due to their popularity on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter. The hilarious Amy Schumer stated, “…like the Kardashians, we can now take the faces we were born with as a light suggestion.”


Eyelash Extensions

If you are tired of thin eyelashes and don’t want to constantly apply mascara that may run or smear, eyelash extensions are a possible solution for you. Since most eyelash extensions are not permanent, but rather a semi-permanent faux mink lash extension, you can try this options without a permanent commitment. Each extension is applied one last at a time. These extensions look so real; most people don’t know they are not natural.


Some reasons to consider eyelash extensions are:

  • Not having to use mascara every morning
  • Waking up with natural, beautiful looking eyes
  • Time saver when getting ready for the day
  • Eyes “pop” with extensions, even with glasses
  • The appearance of an eyelift without the surgery
  • Natural feel of properly applied lashes feel just like your own
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle and daily wear
  • Waterproof and durable extensions allow you to swim, shower, and sleep
  • Semi-permanent eyelashes need only to be re-lashed every month


Millennials known what they want and how to get it. They are confident, smart, and tech savvy in a world full of technological advances. Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo subject, but rather a point of pride where the recipient shows their before and after pics on Instagram. Bringing several pictures of exactly what they want and how they want it are why this group of consumers is growing daily in number and purchasing power.


If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County and are wanting to enhance your looks, contact the board certified plastic surgeons at Orange County Plastic Surgery for a free consultation. If you have an Instagram account or access to sites like Perfect365 and want to share your before and after pics, bring them along!


At Orange County Plastic Surgery, our experts have the latest technology to assist you in obtaining the exact look you want. Call today to schedule an appointment and free consultation.

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