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The idea behind CoolSculpting ® is very exciting. Nearly everyone that has wanted a better body wished that there was a way to get rid of fat pockets without having to go through surgery. Liposuction is safe and effective, but it’s still a surgical technique, and CoolSculpting ® represents an excellent alternative that is free of surgery and without the risk of complications.


When Are You Ready for CoolSculpting ®

That said, as great a technique as CoolSculpting ® is, it is designed for a very specific subset of the population. CoolSculpting ® is not just a liposuction alternative. It is for those at a very specific point in their lives that are in need of the changes that CoolSculpting ® offers.

  • At or Near Goal Weight
    CoolSculpting ® is specifically for those that are at or near their goal weight, so those that have a long way to go should consider a different technique. It is for those that have problem areas after weight loss, such as love handles, abdomen, and inner thighs, that seem resistant to fat loss. If you have a long time to go before you’re going to be happy with the results, CoolSculpting ® may not be right for you.
  • No Immediate Rush
    The fun thing about CoolSculpting ® is how natural it is. It starts to shed over time, with full results somewhere between 60 to 90 days as your body removes the dead and damaged fat cells. That time delay is generally an advantage because no one will be able to tell you had any procedure done, but for those that are looking to lose stubborn fat fast, CoolSculpting ® may not be the right solution.
  • Maintaining Weight Loss
    CoolSculpting ® is also for those that intend to maintain their weight loss long after the CoolSculpting ® procedure has completed. That is because those areas of the body still have fat cells, and are going to be prone to fat gain or loss just like anywhere else. If you gain a lot of weight after CoolSculpting ®, you will gain some weight back in those areas as well. Make sure you’re at a point in your life where you’re willing to commit to weight management.


Try CoolSculpting ® in Newport Beach

Orange County Fat Freeze is the leading provider of CoolSculpting ® in Southern California, serving those in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego, Santa Ana and more. If you’re interested in learning more about our CoolSculpting ® service or want to find out if you’re a good candidate, give us a call today. 949-337-1431.

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