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Body Sculpting in Orange County

In Orange County, body sculpting can provide you with renewed self-confidence in your body’s appearance. At the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Siamak Agha of The Aesthetic Center of Orange County, body sculpting using liposuction contours and refines your body’s symmetry, tone and shape. Results are permanent and can be further enhanced through continued physical fitness and a healthy diet.


Often confused with fat reduction, body sculpting provides more than just reduction of fat. Procedures such as CoolSculpting ® can be effective in fat reduction. However, for more refined, precise and sculpted results, liposuction is the optimum means of contouring and body sculpting in Orange County.


In Orange County, The Aesthetic Center of Orange County has provided thousands of area patients with body sculpting using liposuction and other means. Body sculpting may include the hips, thighs, abdomen, arms, buttocks, back, waist and other areas of the body. A qualified, board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Agha is able to use body sculpting to add beautiful, symmetrical contour to a patient’s body for an instantly more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing physique.


Am I a good candidate for body sculpting in Orange County?

The best way to gain determination as to whether you are a good candidate for body sculpting is to meet with Dr. Siamak Agha at The Aesthetic Center of Orange County for an initial consultation.


During this session, Dr. Agha will examine your body and discuss which areas you would like to change as part of body sculpting. He will review your medical history and answer questions at this time. At the end of his review and examination, Dr. Agha will be able to inform you regarding your candidacy for body sculpting using liposuction.


Best candidates for Orange County body sculpting include those who do not smoke. If you are a smoker, Dr. Agha can discuss how long you must quit as a minimum, both before and following your plastic surgery, to cut down on risk and ensure adequate healing.


People who have elastic skin are best suited for liposuction as part of body sculpting. If your skin has lost its elasticity, a body lift may be a better route to your physical goals. Dr. Agha will talk about this with you, if your skin is not elastic enough for good body sculpting results using only liposuction.


To qualify for liposuction body sculpting in Orange County, you will need to be in good health without any major medical issues which can hinder healing or might cause increased risk during surgery.


When Dr. Agha gives his approval for your body sculpting, you may schedule your procedure and get prepared for your new body.


What can I expect of Orange County body sculpting surgery recovery?

Following your body sculpting procedure in Orange County, you will be bandaged and dressed in a compression garment to stabilize your incisions and reduce swelling. You may have some drains placed in your wounds in order to drain fluids. After a few days following surgery, you will return to Dr. Agha’s office and he will review your body sculpting results, ensuring recovery is going well and that you are on track for adequate healing.


After Dr. Agha’s follow up care in Orange County, you can then take a shower. You will continue wearing a compression garment according to the plastic surgeon’s instructions, to enable the best results from your body sculpting procedure.


It will be several days to a week before you are able to return to work in the Orange County area following body sculpting. There are multiple variables which dictate when you can get back to facets of your regular routine, including what type of body sculpting you had performed, how much of your body was sculpted and how your initial recovery progresses.


Body sculpting results will be both immediate and long-term. Immediately following body sculpting surgery in Orange County and despite swelling, you will notice a new shape to your body. When initial swelling diminishes after several weeks, you will see even greater changes.


It is about a year following surgery that most patients see the best, permanent results from body sculpting in Orange County. It takes awhile for your body to adapt to its body sculpting changes and for all of the swelling to be gone. This one year point is when you will see your permanent physique. The best way to maintain body sculpting results and even enhance that physique is to continue working out and eating right as part of your healthy Orange County lifestyle.

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