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CoolSculpting ® Cost Irvine

Cost of CoolSculpting ® in Irvine

When considering your body and desirable improvements of cosmetic procedures in Irvine, you must weigh your options against the value of benefits gained from those procedures. To do this, answer some very pointed questions.


For example, are you tired of hiding your body or being ashamed of it because of unsightly areas which bother or embarrass you? Do you lack self-confidence because of your body? Are you troubled by areas you cannot improve through diet and exercise?


Then, after asking yourself these and similar questions, ask one or two more to measure value of improvements. What price would you pay to not have to worry about those areas of you body anymore? If you could have improved self-confidence and be proud of your body for the rest of your life, what cost would you consider paying?


If your areas of concern on your body can be treated through targeted fat reduction, CoolSculpting ® may be the right choice for you. The good news is that CoolSculpting ® cost in Irvine is among the lowest of cosmetic surgery procedures. Despite relatively low CoolSculpting ® cost, the results are permanent.


Of course, Irvine CoolSculpting ® cost is not covered by insurance. You must find ways to cover the expense, yourself. In the grand scheme of things, CoolSculpting ® cost is very low when you consider your results.


Liposuction Cost Compared to CoolSculpting ® Cost in Irvine

The Aesthetic Center of Orange County in Irvine offers effective, yet reasonably priced targeted fat reduction on your abdomen, thighs and hips. CoolSculpting ® cost starts at about 60 percent less than liposuction. Yet, CoolSculpting ® provides wonderful results without surgery or downtime. As there is no downtime or recovery period, CoolSculpting ® cost in Irvine does not include missed work wages or used paid vacation days, as liposuction does.


Liposuction in Irvine can provide wider areas of fat reduction on body parts CoolSculpting ® does not treat. However, CoolSculpting ® treats areas for which fat reduction is most commonly desired. The problem areas of flanks, thighs, arms, back and tummy are all treated by CoolSculpting ®. Whether you will need to absorb lower CoolSculpting ® cost or higher liposuction cost will largely depend upon the areas on which you want fat reduction.


Due to the more reasonable CoolSculpting ® cost, absence of invasive surgery, and lack of recovery time, CoolSculpting ® is quickly becoming more popular for Irvine men and women wanting a more contoured body.


What is the average CoolSculpting ® cost in Irvine?

CoolSculpting ® cost is varied according to factors such as geographic region. In addition, which body areas you want to treat affects CoolSculpting ® cost in Irvine. How many sessions will be required for the best results also affect pricing.


Irvine board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha of The Aesthetic Center of Orange County will help you determine your CoolSculpting ® cost through development of a treatment plan for your problem areas. At its most basic, CoolSculpting ® cost in the United States averages about $600to $750 per area. This may be different than the cost of your treatment, as each area of the body treated and how many sessions are required will determine your individual pricing.


In comparison, liposuction in Irvine usually carries costs of over $4000 for one targeted area.

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