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How to Lose Fat in Orange County

Lose Fat in Orange County

Gym professionals, general practice doctors, dieticians, cosmetic surgeons and many other professionals are often asked by Orange County residents how to lose fat from their bodies. Plastic surgeons know the answer.


Patients in Orange County with reasonably fit physiques and who are not obese can undergo several plastic surgery procedures to lose fat. These procedures, including liposuction and CoolSculpting ®, are offered by Orange County’s Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center. Through these procedures, no longer will you have to wonder how to lose fat in Orange County.


How to Lose Fat with CoolSculpting ® in Orange County

If you have a reasonably fit figure, you can lose targeted fat using CoolSculpting ® in Orange County at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center. CoolSculpting ® has provided quality results as an answer to that question of how to lose fat for hundreds of thousands of patients around the globe. Through controlled cooling, CoolSculpting ® freezes fat without damaging skin and muscle tissues. After targeted fat is frozen, the body naturally and permanently eliminates it. This fat never regenerates.


CoolSculpting ® in Orange County is effective for specific areas of fat reduction of fat. Your arms, thighs, abdomen, back and flanks can be effectively reduced using CoolSculpting ®.


Because CoolSculpting ® is a device operating on the body and does not involve any incisions or operation, CoolSculpting ® also does not entail recovery time. You can undergo CoolSculpting ® treatment while relaxing in the plastic surgeon’s office in Orange County. During the procedure, you can read, send emails, watch TV or even nap. Before CoolSculpting ®, nobody would have thought of how to lose fat while taking a nap!


Orange County treatments for CoolSculpting ® only take about an hour of your time. While you sit comfortably, CoolSculpting ® freezes the targeted region without pain. The affected area is then massaged. This returns normal blood flow to the region, so you can get up and continue on with your day without any recovery time. You will not miss work or any of your daily activities around Orange County. CoolSculpting ® effects are seen within about 90 days.


How to Lose Fat with Liposuction in Orange County

At Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Orange County, liposuction is used to help many patients solve that everlasting question of how to lose fat.


There, the board certified plastic surgeon permanently reduces body fat through the latest technological advancements of liposuction. Different from CoolSculpting ®, liposuction can reduce fat on broader regions of the body. During liposuction, the plastic surgeon is also able to provide more customized sculpting of your body. Through this sculpting, he targets fat for removal while reshaping your physique to its most pleasing form.


Just as with CoolSculpting ®, liposuction fat reduction is permanent. Following liposuction, you can stop asking others how to lose fat and start enjoying your reduced body. Your fat is permanently lost and it will not return. You simply must maintain your body through healthy diet and exercise as part of your Orange County lifestyle.


Liposuction enables the board certified plastic surgeon to permanently reduce your fat. This is done by insertion of a thin tube called a cannula into tiny incisions in your targeted areas. He then suctions the targeted fat through the cannula and forever out of your body.


Liposuction is an answer for how to lose fat, but not a means of fighting obesity. Like CoolSculpting ®, liposuction works best for fat reduction on healthy and somewhat fit patients.

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