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Irvine CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq – A Growing Trend in Cosmetic Surgery

Irvine CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq

Zeltiq Aesthetics is one of the fastest growing medical technology companies in America. Its primary product, a procedure known as “CoolSculpting ®,” has quickly become one of the most popular new services in plastic surgery, providing a non-surgical replacement for liposuction. Since the development of CoolSculpting ® procedure, Zeltiq has grown from a small, unknown company into one of the most popular brand names in body sculpting. If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting ® in Irvine, call Orange County CoolSculpting ®, today.


What is CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq?

Zeltiq developed the CoolSculpting ® system based on the research of Dr. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson. Inspired by the observation that children who eat a lot of popsicles developed dimples, Drs. Manstein and Anderson found that applying cold to specific areas kills fat cells. The Doctors noted that this process could be used to selectively eliminate fat cells without causing harmful damage to any other cells.

Seeing the potential of this groundbreaking discovery, Zeltiq developed the process of Cryolipolysis, the elimination of fat cells by freezing, which is at the heart of the CoolSculpting ® system. Once the procedure was established, Zeltiq developed the equipment and training programs to create the full service CoolSculpting ® program.


What Zeltiq Does

Zeltiq has built its brand by ensuring that it continues to innovate, finding new and exciting ways to take advantage of the CoolSculpting ® technology to help maximize fat loss without surgery. Some of the ways that Zeltiq has managed to do this includes:

  • Top of the Line Equipment


Zeltiq provides state of the art, reliable, and precise machines to authorized physicians and dermatologists. Zeltiq machines are the only machines to be FDA cleared for the Cryolipolysis procedure. Only Zeltiq equipment is specially designed for safe operation, and these machines provide exactly the precise temperature for optimal fat reduction and limited irritation.


Zeltiq has also designed applicators for each specific part of the body, which can ensure the proper areas are targeted, resulting in fantastic results.

  • Advanced Training


Zeltiq provides expert training in the CoolSculpting ® system. The Zeltiq Training Center located in Pleasanton California, provides extensive training for physicians and dermatologists. Using lecture style classes, hands on training, and live treatments, CoolSculpting ® U provides a comprehensive program to ensure all practitioners are well versed in maximizing the results of the CoolSculpting ® system.

  • Information to Improve


Zeltiq provides information to authorized doctors and dermatologists through CoolConnect. This innovative data management system collects information from CoolSculpting ® Systems throughout the world. Physicians and Dermatologists can use and share information collected by CoolConnect to provide better service and results in their individual practices.

  • Rewards For Success


Zeltiq provides a three tier rewards system, recognizing the most successful CoolSculpting ® practices. At Orange County CoolSculpting ®, our training and experience are why we were awarded Crystal Premier Status, indicating a significant expertise in Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® technology – the highest award provided by Zeltiq.


Contact Orange County CoolSculpting ® Today – Your Irvine Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® Leader

Based in Newport Beach, Orange County CoolSculpting ® is the number one choice for Irvine residents looking for Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® services. If you’re interested in learning more about Zeltiq, CoolSculpting ®, or Cryolipolysis, contact us today at 949-337-1431.

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