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CoolSculpting ® in Irvine

Part of living in Irvine, as anywhere in Southern California, is the competitive environment of personal appearance. People of this region strive to look their best, often utilizing greater means than most anywhere else in the world. Standards are high, including standards for one’s physique.


Fat reduction is a common quest for people of Irvine. Liposuction has long been a plastic surgery procedure of choice for those desiring to reduce fat on areas which diet and exercise seem to be ineffective. However, liposuction is a surgery and involves downtime associated with any invasive procedure.


There is a relatively new alternative to liposuction which can be used on many patients who require focused reduction of fat on their abdomen, hips and thighs. This recently FDA-approved device and its treatment are called CoolSculpting ®. CoolSculpting ® is becoming more popular each day, with over 425,000 people using the treatment method in the past year, alone.


Irvine area residents who want a smaller belly, less prominent flanks or more streamlined thighs can use CoolSculpting ® to reduce fat without missing work or going through the recovery of liposuction surgery.


How Does CoolSculpting ® Treatment Work?

For the treatment itself, about an hour is required to effectively freeze targeted fat on the patient’s body. Although it sounds uncomfortable, the procedure is actually quite easy to undergo and patients can watch TV, read, study, use electronic devices or even take a cat-nap while CoolSculpting ® is being applied. This hour may occur during lunch or at another time during the work day. Patients can then return to their office or daily routine without skipping a beat.


After CoolSculpting ® is applied to freeze fat cells, those cells then die and must be eliminated by the body. This takes a bit of time, as it is a natural biological process. Generally at about six to twelve weeks, patients see their CoolSculpting ® results and note marked changes in the tone and contour of treated areas.


The first treatment of CoolSculpting ® is usually the most effective. Some results can be seen on the same areas treated multiple times. However, these results become reduced with each subsequent treatment. As fat cell loss is a permanent reduction in the fat in an area of your body, CoolSculpting ® is a permanent solution.


The only caveat is that patients must maintain the fat loss through healthy eating and exercise. Remaining fat cells can expand to an unlimited proportion, as any fat can. So, elimination of fat cells never means the patient has carte blanche to eat poorly and neglect fitness. This is true of liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, CoolSculpting ® and really cosmetic procedure targeting fat.


How Does One Start CoolSculpting ®?

Getting started with CoolSculpting ® is simple. The first step is to meet with Dr. Siamak Agha at Irvine’s Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center. Dr. Agha will examine you to see if you are a good fit for CoolSculpting ®. If he believes the treatment will be effective for fat on your tummy, thighs and hips, he will permit scheduling of your first treatment.

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