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Irvine Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing in Irvine

Residents of Irvine tend to place a great deal of emphasis on physical appearance, as is true throughout Southern California. In taking such pride in your outward image, you likely work hard at the gym and mealtime to ensure you facilitate your best body. However, when you do those things without seeing reduction of stubborn fat, it can be frustrating.


For a long time, doctors have remained steadfast in their stance that the ultimate body can be achieved through proper nutrition and exercise. This is true to a certain extent. In recent years, however, scientists have realized that some body fat does not reduce through individual exertion and nutrition. This is commonly called stubborn fat, as it seems to be unchangeable despite application of great effort.


Fat freezing permanently reduces body fat. It achieves this through innovative technology which targets the fat on hips, thighs and the abdomen. This cutting-edge technology is presented through CoolSculpting ® devices. CoolSculpting ® destroys stubborn fat cells without harming skin or muscle by using controlled cooling.


How Safe Is Fat Freezing?

CoolSculpting ® has been shown to be very safe. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical means of permanent fat reduction in Irvine. The Food and Drug Administration approved fat freezing using CoolSculpting ® devices because it does not harm skin, muscle or other tissue and is effective in reduction of fat as marketed. After hundreds of thousands of patients being treated with fat freezing, there have been no reported major side effects or complications.


Newport Beach patients are often excited that using CoolSculpting ® for fat reduction involves no surgery and each session involves just one hour. An hour long session provides clear results when fat is dispelled from the body after about six to twelve weeks following treatment.


Because there is no surgery as part of fat freezing, there is also no patient downtime. Patients can undergo treatment and then return to their daily routine without any need for recovery. Although there may be some bruising or redness following treatment, this is not due to the actual fat freezing, but caused by the application of the device, itself. Such bruising diminishes soon thereafter.


How Is Irvine Fat Freezing Achieved?

In Irvine, fat freezing is performed by Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center. Dr. Siamak Agha, board certified plastic surgeon, provides an initial consultation to determine if fat freezing will reduce your targeted fat. If he determines you are a good candidate for fat freezing, your session may be scheduled.


When you arrive for your fat freezing treatment in Irvine, you will settle into a relaxed position. Fat freezing applicator paddles will then be placed on your body with protective gel pads. Each applicator paddle has a hose which delivers controlled cooling. Each paddle has over 3000 sensors for control of the temperature.


Targeted areas of stubborn fat may be on your abdomen, hips or thighs. More than one session may be used for optimum fat reduction, with two sessions per area being quite normal. Each session will still only be one hour.


Once the plastic surgeon has started the fat freezing treatment you can read, use your smartphone or tablet, or even sleep. Fat freezing takes place painlessly while you spend the time focusing on other things.


When the hour is over and the fat freezing session is complete, your treated areas will be massaged to return normal blood flow. You can then return to the normal activities of your daily life. Most patients go back to work, continue running errands or just get back to family life in Irvine.

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