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Zeltiq in Newport Beach

Zeltiq is the organization which developed CoolSculpting ®, an innovative device which reduces fat on the abdomen, thighs and hips through controlled cooling technology. Zeltiq devices are used on Newport Beach patients at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center for effective, painless and permanent reduction of fat without invasive surgery.


The Zeltiq company started in 2005 and has since grown 7000 percent, due to the overwhelming success of CoolSculpting ®. Plastic surgeons, patients and even the media are resoundingly positive about results Zeltiq’s technology provides.


Two renowned Harvard scientists realized that some children who often eat popsicles had dimples in their cheeks with more regularity than children who did not. They concluded that the popsicles were eliminating fat cells through freezing, without damaging surrounding tissue. This revelation was the genesis of development of Zeltiq technology for CoolSculpting ®.


Now, through CoolSculpting ® at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, Newport Beach patients can enjoy the benefit of fat elimination as part of a painless, FDA-approved, nonsurgical procedure which takes only about an hour.


Undergoing Zeltiq Fat Freezing in Newport Beach

A typical Zeltiq session involves use of paddle applicators with hoses attached. The hoses provide cooling to the area of the body on which paddles are applied. Each side of these small paddles contain over 3000 sensors.


Gel pads are used to protect skin. These are placed over the region being CoolSculpted. The Zeltiq device is then turned on and treatment begins.


After power is applied, the Zeltiq paddles pull fat up between the panels. You will likely feel a vacuum sensation, followed by intense cold. The cold can produce some tingling or slight cramping. This is normal and will soon subside.


When the cosmetic surgeon ensures you are well-situated and relaxed, your treatment continues for an hour. At the end of the session, the treated region is massaged so it may regain normal blood flow. Then, you may go about your regular life around Newport Beach.


During the Zeltiq application and while it was feeling cold on your body, body fats were being crystallized. After about six or eight weeks, these Zeltiq-treated fat cells die. The immune system then rids itself of the dead fat through enzymatic break down and subsequent elimination by your body. Those cells are never regrown.


Zeltiq Side Effects

As with any medical or plastic surgery treatment performed in Newport Beach or elsewhere, there are some side effects which may be experienced when Zeltiq devices are used for fat reduction. Swelling, bruising and some redness are the most common of these effects. There can also be a temporary loss of sensation on the treated region.


Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ® technology has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is shown to not permanently harm muscle or skin tissue. The freezing temperature merely targets fat with permanent results. Any muscle or skin symptoms soon diminish.


Many people have had questions of Zeltiq regarding whether cholesterol or triglyceride levels can be affected by fat cells going through related enzymatic processes within the body. Zeltiq’s research shows that these fat cells do not adversely affect blood cholesterol or other such levels.


Bruising initially seen by some Zeltiq device patients is believed to be caused by the equipment, not the freezing process or internal activity following treatment.


Studies have indicated an absence of effect on the liver or blood lipids. Numbness is known to not be related to any form of nerve damage.


In essence, there are no known, lasting side effects from Zeltiq fat reduction. This offers a contrast to use of more invasive forms of fat reduction in Newport Beach, such as liposuction.

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