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CoolSculpt in Orange County

CoolSculpt is another word used by many to describe CoolSculpting ®, a medical technological innovation in plastic surgery. This device, developed by Zeltiq of Northern California, provides Orange County patients with targeted and permanent fat reduction for select areas of the body. Those body areas which CoolSculpt helps in Orange County are most commonly abdomen, hips, thighs, back and arms. CoolSculpt may treat other areas, as the plastic surgeon deems appropriate toward potential benefit.


CoolSculpt in Orange County is a frequently performed cosmetic procedure for The Aesthetic Center of Orange County. There, Dr. Siamak Agha is expert in provision of targeted fat reduction through CoolSculpt and UltraShape for his Orange County patients.


In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration approved CoolSculpt by Zeltiq for permanent fat reduction on targeted areas of the body. Patients of Orange County CoolSculpt can expect to receive an average of 22 percent fat loss for each treated area. Considering CoolSculpt does not involve surgery and still provides permanent fat reduction, this percentage of fat reduced through CoolSculpt is incredible.


Even with its high success, CoolSculpt in Orange County is one of the most cost-effective means of fat reduction. Results are permanent, so patients need only ensure they maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to keep their nicely contoured body for the rest of their lives.


How will CoolSculpt work to reduce my body fat in Orange County?

Orange County CoolSculpt provides controlled cooling to targeted body fat. This is basically freezing of fat. Fat then crystallizes and is targeted by the immune system for removal from the body as waste. This is a completely natural process for dead fat cells, triggered through CoolSculpt use. Because fat cells do not regenerate, CoolSculpt results are permanent.


Orange County CoolSculpt is performed by The Aesthetic Center of Orange CountyWhere our CoolSculpting ® technicians have provided thousands of patients in and around Orange County with permanent fat reduction through CoolSculpt.


During an initial consultation with Dr. Agha or one of our CoolSculpting ® technicians, we will review your medical history. We will talk to you about your objectives for the appearance of your body. You will also be able to ask questions about CoolSculpt and other procedures.


At the end of this session, if we believe CoolSculpt will benefit your body with permanent fat reduction, we will schedule your first CoolSculpt or DualSculpt treatment session.


As you begin your CoolSculpt session, you will be comfortably situated for application of the CoolSculpt device applicators on your body. The applicators have hoses attached, through which controlled cooling is provided to your designated areas for treatment for 45 minutes. That cooling freezes fat. However, it does not affect delicate skin or muscle tissues, as the freezing point for those tissues is at a lower temperature which the device does not reach.


While the CoolSculpt device is working, you will be able to relax, read, play on your smartphone or watch television. Some patients even fall asleep during their session.


When the CoolSculpt session is completed, your treated areas will be gently massaged. This massage returns normal blood circulation to the region. You can immediately return to your normal daily routine around Orange County, after your CoolSculpt session.


In about three months, your body will have completed its cycle of elimination of the frozen and crystallized fat. These fat cells are passed through your system as waste, just as fat in foods you consume passes through your body. After about 90 days, your CoolSculpt Orange County treatment results are clearly visible. Those results are permanent and can be maintained and even enhanced through healthy diet and exercise.

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