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Arm CoolSculpting ® in Orange County

Orange County can be a highly competitive place to live and work, where much value is placed on personal appearance. This can cause stress for individuals who do not feel their upper arms are suitable for revealing fashions. Such stress is heightened when the rest of your body may appear more fit and yet your upper arms do not seem to react to diet or exercise. Your self-confidence suffers, as do personal comfort and choices made for fashion.


In Orange County, arm CoolSculpting ® is a wonderful, non-invasive option for reduction of fat on the upper arms. Also used on other parts of the body such as abdomen, thighs, hips and back, CoolSculpting ® is gaining in popularity because of its ability to help areas usually unaffected by diet and exercise.


All of this is accomplished without scars, surgery or associated recovery time. Results are permanent and can be seen within about 6 weeks following treatment. Because you will not miss work or daily activities and there are no scars or surgery, nobody will be able to tell you were treated for fat reduction in Orange County. CoolSculpting ® arms provides effective, natural results.


How does CoolSculpting ® arms reduce fat?

Through targeted application of controlled cooling, arm CoolSculpting ® freezes fat cells which then crystallize. Those dead fat cells undergo the body’s natural process of elimination as waste. The immune system requires about three months to cycle through the entire process of elimination of the dead fat cells. At the end of this cycle, the thinner, more svelte CoolSculpting ® arms results are visible.


While you sit and enjoy activities such as reading or using your smartphone in Orange County at The Aesthetic Center of Orange County, arm CoolSculpting ® applicators are applied to your upper arms. Controlled cooling is delivered through a hose to the applicator and to your arm fat.


Because skin and muscle are mostly water and have a lower freezing point than fat does, only fat is frozen during this controlled cooling. Each treatment session takes about one hour or less from start to finish to treat both arms with our DualSculpting at Orange County, without pain, scars or surgery.


After your arm CoolSculpting ® session, it is best if you return to a normal fitness routine. By exercising your arms as your body goes through its natural fat elimination process, you will enhance the outcome of your CoolSculpting ® arms session.


After about 6 weeks, your body will have transformed the crystallized fat cells on your upper arms to waste through an enzymatic breakdown process. Your body will eliminate that waste and you will see your CoolSculpting ® arms results. Your arms will appear slimmer and ready for wearing short sleeves and more revealing fashions in Orange County.


Will CoolSculpting ® arms work for me?

Arm CoolSculpting ® will work for people with good skin elasticity. Most people considered good candidates for arm CoolSculpting ® see about 30 percent fat reduction in their upper arms.


To learn more about CoolSculpting ® arms and gain determination of whether you are a good candidate for the treatment, it is best to meet with our CoolSculpting ® technicians at The Aesthetic Center of Orange County. Our CoolSculpting ® staffs will assess your needs and will work with you to determine if arm CoolSculpting ® will provide the results you seek.

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