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Orange County CoolSculpting ® For Men

CoolSculpting ® For Men in Orange County

A cutting-edge treatment is available for body sculpting of the male physique and as an alternative to invasive procedures like liposuction. This treatment is CoolSculpting ® for men. CoolSculpting ® men is the same as CoolSculpting ® for women. However, men and women tend to have different areas of concern as treatment areas. CoolSculpting ® men tends to be on love-handles, the abdomen, chest and back.


The Food and Drug Administration cleared CoolSculpting ® in 2010 for reduction of fat without surgery. Since that time, the numbers of men undergoing CoolSculpting ® has grown into the hundreds of thousands each year.


CoolSculpting ® men uses controlled cooling to diminish fat on love-handles, the abdomen, chest, and back. For the chest, CoolSculpting ® may be very effective for reduction of gynecomastia when excess skin is not an issue and the enlarged chest is mainly due to excess fat. Anywhere else on the body, CoolSculpting ® works best when skin is elastic and does not sag. Sagging skin may require excision through plastic surgery or other procedures and such procedures may be better for a man with loose skin.


CoolSculpting ® works well as a supplement for gym workouts and healthy diet, when those methods do not produce the trim, leaner body the man desires. Love handles, the abdomen and other areas can be difficult to target in the gym. CoolSculpting ® may be a viable option for sculpting of a more toned, fit looking body.


CoolSculpting ® for men, as for women, is receiving acclaim from patients, researchers, plastic surgeons and even the media for its effective reduction of areas of stubborn fat. At our practice, a large number of our patients who undergo CoolSculpting ® treatments are men and the number is increasing each year.


Perhaps the best aspect of CoolSculpting ® men is that it does not require downtime following treatment. There is really no recovery period. No surgery is performed, no scars result and the procedure is painless. Some patients have mild skinirritation after CoolSculpting ®, but that goes away soon on its own. Men who have CoolSculpting ® can return to the gym after just a few days. Doing so actually enhances the results of CoolSculpting ®.


Are you right for CoolSculpting ®?

CoolSculpting ® for men is best performed on relatively fit men within their weight range. CoolSculpting ® is meant to treat small areas of fat, not expansive regions better suited for reduction through liposuction.


The first step toward starting CoolSculpting ® is a meeting with Dr. Siamak Agha or our CoolSculpting ® technician. Our CoolSculpting ® technician will review your areas of concern and discuss your goals for your physical appearance. If she believes you to be a good candidate for CoolSculpting ®, you can set up your treatment session after this consultation.


If CoolSculpting ® will not effectively treat your areas of concern, our CoolSculpting ® technician will guide you through alternative procedures which can provide the results you seek. Being assessed in the office of a board certified plastic surgeon means that the solution to every buldge is not necessarily CoolSculpting ®. If you are a better candidate for liposuction, our staff will make a complimentary appointment for you to be seen by Dr. Agha, a well-known body contouring and body sculpting expert.

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