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Fat Freezing in Orange County

For better or worse, life today is largely driven by outward appearance and physical attributes. People take a great deal of pride in their appearance as part of what they offer to others socially, occupationally and in recreation. Not feeling good about the way you look can limit how willingly and openly you pursue opportunities presented to you.


You may have worked hard through diet and exercise to achieve what you consider your best standard. However, there are likely areas of your body which do not react well enough to your hard work and self-discipline. This is common, as some areas of the body are not as well equipped to rid themselves of fat through such diet and workouts.


Fat freezing has been developed as a means of targeting and permanently reducing that stubborn body fat. Fat freezing was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010, using Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting ® devices. These devices target and effectively reduce fat on hips, thighs, abdomen, back, chest, and arms. Other areas may be treated by fat freezing, but these are the primary regions for which fat freezing devices are designed and used.


Fat freezing delivers controlled cooling to targeted areas of fat. This process does not harm other tissues, as skin, muscle and other tissues require colder temperatures to freeze, than fat does.


Is fat freezing really safe?

Fat freezing is safe, painless, non-invasive,scarless and requires no recovery time. In over 425,000 uses of fat freezing each year, there have been zero reported dangerous complications worldwide.


Because fat freezing requires no surgery, the procedure is painless and can be conducted in just a one hour office visit. That one hour of fat freezing permanently removes unwanted body fat without pain or obstruction of the rest of the day’s activities for that patient. Once treated with fat freezing, the patient can go back to work and enjoy their day. The only recommendation is that no strenuous activity or exercise is pursued for a few days following this cosmetic procedure.


Fat freezing is conducted while the patient sits back, relaxes, reads, watches a movie, sends emails or even sleeps. For about an hour, fat freezing is performed using CoolSculpting ® applicator paddles on the body. When that hour or so of fat freezing is done, the applicator paddles are removed. The fat freezing patient then receives a massage in the region of treatment. This massage returns normal blood flow to the treated area of fat freezing.


Once the patient goes back home or returns to their regular activities, the body starts its normal cycle of elimination of the targeted fat, which is by then crystallized. This crystallized fat is broken down by enzymes and eliminated from the body within about 60 to 90 days. It is at that time that the patient sees the beautiful results of their fat freezing.


As results of fat freezing are permanent, the only thing a patient must do to maintain the results is to ensure they eat right and keep fitness as a priority throughout their life.

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