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Orange County Fat Freezing Cost

Fat Freezing Cost in Orange County

Fat freezing is a cost-effective means of targeted and permanent fat reduction in Orange County. Liposuction and other such procedures are known to be expensive. With liposuction starting at a U.S. average of about $4000 or more, it cannot compare to the much lower fat freezing cost starting at about $1200. Of course, with fat freezing cost there may be need for multiple sessions for each targeted area. Still, fat freezing cost is one of the lowest in plastic surgery.


Beyond actual cost of the procedure, liposuction costs patients additional money in Orange County. For example, during recovery you will miss days or a week of work. These are either paid for through use of precious paid leave time or you must sacrifice wages. Fat freezing cost in Orange County does not contain these used leave days or missed wages, as there is no recovery period for CoolSculpting ® procedures. Unlike liposuction, you will also not require the assistance of a loved one who would have needed to take leave time, come to Orange County, or miss work hours to transport and help you.


Other necessary items as part of liposuction fat reduction in Orange County are prescription medications, assisted care for the first few days after your procedure or other costs. Fat freezing cost does not require such inclusions, as treatments are each only about an hour in length. After your treatments, which may even be conducted over your lunch hour, you immediately return to normal life in Orange County without need for prescriptions or assistance.


Your fat freezing cost will be affected by possible considerations. Some of those fat freezing cost considerations are:

  • Which areas of your body the fat freezing will be conducted on
  • Professional costs for the plastic surgeon
  • How many sessions will be required to provide optimum fat freezing
  • Follow-up appointments in Orange County


Will my health insurance pay for fat freezing cost in Orange County?

Medical insurance does not pay for fat freezing cost. CoolSculpting ® is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure. While it reduces fat by an average of 22 percent on each treated area, this reduction does not provide life-saving or health improving benefit. Since CoolSculpting ® does not treat obesity or reduce morbidity due to being excessively overweight, fat freezing cost is the patient’s responsibility.


There are a multitude of ways an Orange County patient may choose to finance their own fat freezing cost. Some take out a specialized plastic surgery loan. Second mortgages and personal loans also help people in Orange County finance their fat freezing cost. As it is one of the less expensive plastic surgery procedures available, you may be able to pay for fat freezing cost through your Orange County work earnings or savings.


How will I know what to expect for my fat freezing cost?

A first consultation with the plastic surgeon in Orange County, who also determines whether you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting ®, will provide insight as to your final fat freezing cost. Simply inform the Orange County plastic surgeon that you need to know what your fat freezing cost will be, so you may prepare yourself for that expense. Don’t forget that fat freezing cost may be spread out over several sessions.

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