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Zeltiq in Orange County

Zeltiq is the device company which developed CoolSculpting ®. Their specialization has been in innovative development of technologies used to reduce fat on the belly, hips and thighs. Using controlled cooling to accomplish this, Zeltiq devices are used on many Orange County patients seeking to have a more beautifully contoured and toned shape. Zeltiq fat reduction results are permanent and treatment is painless.


Since it began in 2005, Zeltiq has grown by 7000 percent. This is due to the overwhelming success of CoolSculpting ® and worldwide use of their technology. Results of their fat reduction devices have been resoundingly positive and over 425,000 people used Zeltiq last year.


Zeltiq technology came to life after two Harvard scientists noted children who eat popsicles gain dimples in their cheeks. Because eating popsicles does not damage soft tissue of the mouth and cheeks, these scientists realized only fat cells were damaged by the popular frozen snack.


Orange County patients desiring permanent fat reduction at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center can now opt for Zeltiq CoolSculpting ®, instead of surgical liposuction. Zeltiq treatments are FDA cleared, involve no invasive surgery and only require about an hour for treatment.


Zeltiq Treatment Process in Orange County

For a Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® treatment in Orange County, the plastic surgeon applies gel pads onto treatment areas to protect skin from the freezing temperatures. Paddle applicators with attached hoses provide controlled freezing to the targeted body regions. Each paddle houses thousands of sensors.


After the Zeltiq device is turned on, treatment begins. Fat is pulled up between the panels and the patient starts to feel the intense temperature. This extreme cold can produce some tingling or a feeling of cramping. Those sensations are normal and soon go away.


When the plastic surgeon believes you are content and relaxed, you are left to your treatment and an hour of time during which you can watch TV, read or rest. When Zeltiq treatment is complete, the treated regions are lightly massaged to return blood flow to normal.


By the time your session is finished, fat cells have been crystallized in the treated areas. Six or eight weeks after the treatment, these fat cells die and are broken down by the immune system and eliminated from your body. Treated fat cells never regenerate.


Side Effects of Zeltiq

One of the most wonderful aspects of Zeltiq treatment for fat reduction is that there are virtually no major complications or risks. This is very much the opposite of liposuction, which is an invasive surgery and does carry surgical complications and infection risks.


Despite not having major complications associated with Zeltiq, there are some minimal side effects of fat reduction. Bruising and swelling can occur at the treated sites. Patients sometimes temporarily lose sensation due to the intense cold of the treatment. However, normal sensation soon returns.


The Food and Drug Administration has approved Zeltiq technology because few dangers exist in use of the devices. Muscle and skin tissue have been proven unaffected in any permanent sense. Only fat is damaged.


Many people have wondered if Zeltiq treatments can cause cholesterol or triglyceride levels to rise from fat cell breakdown in the body. Zeltiq research has indicated this does not happen. Studies of device use show no effect on the liver or blood lipids. Nerve damage is also shown to not occur.


In Orange County, where physical appearance is so important to most residents, Zeltiq treatment for fat reduction is very safe, quick and easy for individuals who have small amounts of fat which can be permanently reduced using CoolSculpting ®.

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