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Riverside Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis in Riverside

Fat pockets are the enemy of diet and exercise. While diet and exercise can help burn your body of excess fat, it’s not uncommon to find that some fat pockets stubbornly refuse to melt away, causing significant distress for those that want to achieve a healthier looking body. In the past, the only way to address these issues was through a liposuction – an expensive and invasive surgical procedure. But now, you can address your stubborn fat pockets without surgery, using a process known as CoolSculpting ® by Zeltiq.


What is CoolSculpting ®?

Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® is the result of an amazing recent discovery – that fat cells can be selectively killed through cold. The scientific term that describes this process is known as Cryolipolysis, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular new procedures in the Riverside, California area.


Cryolipolysis roughly translates to “fat freezing.” Though the process is a bit more technical, it involves:

  • An area of stubborn fat is cooled to a very specific low temperature.
  • When low temperatures are applied, fat cells crystallize and die. Other cells, like skin and tissue, are able to withstand the cold.
  • Your body starts to remove the dead fat cells over time. This allows your body to have a tighter and more natural look.


CoolSculpting ® Cryolipolysis, the Natural Choice for Riverside

Liposuction is an invasive and potentially stressful operation. The procedure requires anesthesia, cutting open the skin, and physically removing fat from the body. It is as fast as cryolipolysis, but it leaves the body wounded, requiring days to weeks of recovery time.


Cryolipolysis uses the body’s natural processes to remove fat. The principle behind it has actually been known for a while – when some kids eat a large amount of popsicles, they develop dimples, because the popsicles froze fat cells and melted them away – but only recently was it turned into a type of technology that can offer an alternative to liposuction.


The FDA cleared, CoolSculpting ® technology requires no cuts or manual removal of fat. Instead, the CoolSculpting ® system freezes and kills fat cells and then encourages and enhances the ability of the body to remove fat naturally. By using advanced technology to apply cold to the fat cells, cryolipolysis makes it possible to not only contour the body, but also do so in a way that appears much more natural.


The CoolSculpting ® Experience

The experience of liposuction can be scary, with the possibility of general anesthesia, the risk of infection, and the prospect of a difficult recovery. Many people are rightly apprehensive about having this kind of operation. CoolSculpting ® represents a safe, easy, and fast alternative.


A CoolSculpting ® session is often one to two hours. Patients can read, watch movies, or work on their tablets while undergoing the procedure. It is comfortable and private experience. Following the session, patients are encouraged to continue their daily lives, and some even go right back to work. Located in Newport Beach a short drive from Riverside, Orange County Fat Freeze is the leading choice for affordable and effective cryolipolysis body contouring. If you’d like to learn more about our procedures, give us a call today at 949-309-5085.

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