Why Choose Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® in Riverside, California?

Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® in Riverside

CoolSculpting ® is the groundbreaking new fat removal technique from Zeltiq. The CoolSculpting ® procedure uses cold temperature to freeze away fat without surgery. This easy procedure is becoming popular throughout Orange County and Riverside, for reasons that include:

  • Lower Cost
  • Natural Fat Loss
  • Little Recovery Time
  • Amazing Results

There are many procedures that attempt to compete with CoolSculpting ®, but none of them provide the proven results, safety, and ease of this Zeltiq technology.


The Benefits of CoolSculpting ®

Zeltiq developed CoolSculpting ® as an alternative to liposuction. The goal was to create a convenient, safe, and affordable treatment for those who need just a bit of body contouring. CoolSculpting ® is for healthy people near their ideal weight, who just want to remove stubborn fat from their bodies. What makes the Zeltiq technology so popular include:

  • Small Time Commitment – Results can be achieved with one short session, although many people choose to do more. With DualSculpting, more than one area can be treated at one time, maximizing the results of the session. During the treatment many people read, work on their tablets, or relax watching movies on their phones. The sessions are short, with most lasting around an hour, and can be easily scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.
  • Fat Disappears Over Time – Because Zeltiq’s technology uses the body’s natural removal processes, the frozen fat cells are removed slowly. For those that need immediate changes, this time can be frustrating. But for those that want to avoid looking like they engaged in any type of plastic surgery, the fat loss appears much more natural, as you see gradual changes over the course of 3 months.
  • Little Recovery Time – For most people, the side effects are small: bit of red skin and some swelling. There is no need for bed rest, or a hospital stay. After CoolSculpting ®, you can get back to work and your life immediately, and should be able to resume all of your regular activities. Talk to your Zeltiq specialist about what your plans are after your CoolSculpting ® session.
  • Safety – Because of its effectiveness and safety, CoolSculpting ® has been approved by the FDA since 2012. While minor side effects may occur, nearly all are gone after two weeks. Since CoolSculpting ® is not a surgery, there is no risk of infection, or adverse reactions to anesthesia, and there is currently no known long term risk of damage to tissues or skin.
  • Body Changing Results – Fat loss in the targeted area is around from 20% to 40% in one session. These fat cells are gone for good. With a steady healthy diet and exercise this fat loss can be maintained indefinitely, and even if you do gain some weight back, less is usually gained than you would have had before CoolSculpting ®.

Zeltiq’s technology is quickly changing the way that people see cosmetic procedures, and inspiring a new group of people to take control of their bodies again. For Zeltiq CoolSculpting ® in Riverside and Southern California, the clear choice is Orange County CoolSculpting ®. Call today at 949-309-5085.